Gemma Hammersley - Director/Owner

As co-owner of the Terrace Hair, I’m incredibly proud to continue to build a reputable salon in Launceston that strives to provide the highest quality services to its clients.

I owe our success to the terrific team at the Terrace who are driven to be the best stylists they can be. I started my apprenticeship in hairdressing as a teenager and now, more than a decade later, I reflect on a business that continues to provide careers for creative young people.

We value the importance of training; after all we are never too old to learn and, in an evolving industry, we need to be ahead of the game. 

Some things don’t change though! I never take for granted the beautiful, historic George street building that provides a warm and welcoming location for our clients. 

Nor do I forget our wonderful clients who walk through our door trusting the team at the Terrace to provide this highest level of service.

Kim Cooley - Director/Owner

Can you believe it! I’ve now been managing salons for more than 15 years and a stylist for at least 30 years and in that time I’ve had the most extraordinary experiences. I’ve trained dozens of young apprentices, and watched clients -  who were once in the arms of their mothers in the salon -  come back themselves now with babes in arms!

The Terrace is so much more than a hairdressing salon. We become part of our client’s lives and go through life experiences with them. We are committed to making people look and feel good at every stage of life. 

As co-owner it is also my priority that ensure our salon is committed to the professional and personal growth of our staff; to know they will evolve and have successful careers armed with the skills needed to remain industry relevant for the years ahead. 


Callie Harris - Principal Stylist

Bold, fun, vibrant – that’s me to a tee! It’s not just my personality but it also describes my work as a hairdresser. As a senior principal stylist I love working with colour and when it comes to being bold, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a hairdresser. Current colour trends show there are absolutely no limitations with what you can do!

I also understand that people lead such busy lives so they want stylish cuts and colours, but they need to be able to manage this ‘look’ outside the salon as well. After all, it’s no point looking terrific when you leave the salon if you can’t create a similar look and manage it at home.

My tip: If you’ve been thinking about it, do it!


Chloe Stokell - Principal Stylist/Makeup Artist

I still remember not long into my career with the Terrace a new client in their 30’s in tears because it was the first time they’d been happy with their hair style. That memory stays with in as a reminder of just how important a look can be for someone’s confidence. No-one should leave the salon unhappy. I love transforming a client and particular those with blonde hair as it’s a great challenge – there are so many different blondes out there which, depending on skin colour, can have a dramatically different look. My tip for having a good cut or style? To understand your lifestyle – that helps what will be a manageable and realistic style. I’m also a qualified beauty therapist and make-up artist and I’m available for special occasion makeup and lash and brow appointments at The Terrace.

Samantha Jones - Stylist/Makeup Artist

Step aside guys – I’m the new generation of stylists! I love that this ever-evolving industry is constantly providing exciting opportunities for young hairdressers like me. Nowadays, training is about creating an entire look and experience for clients, so in combination with my hairdressing apprenticeship, I also studied makeup artistry, lash/brow tinting and brow/facial waxing.

Working behind the scenes at seminars with some of the best in the business has provided me with new ideas for our clients – and keeps us all on our toes with being ahead of the game!

Sharni Tennant - 3rd Year Apprentice

I’ve always been interested in the hair industry and like to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. As a dancer, I spent my teenage years playing around with hairstyles and makeup for competitions and this sparked my interest in hairdressing as a career.

Admiring the other stylists work as a team and observing the way they interact with their clients has shown me already that hairdressing is all about support and trust. I'm thankful for all the training opportunties I am able to receive through this industy, because of this training I have been able to perfect my balayage techniques! I’m excited to continue on this journey to become a qualified stylist!

Isabella Sing - 1st Year Apprentice

I’m the new kid on the block! As a 1st year apprentice, I’m excited to be joining such an established and experienced team. I've grown up being exposed to the hairdressing industry as my mum is a stylist and it's been my dream to follow in her footsteps. It’s an honour to work alongside the team and receive such great training. I am very much looking forward to my next few years of training in an industry that never stays the same!